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Geography and You

Geography and You (G'nY), the development and environment magazine, addresses various issues related to India's infrastructural, environmental, social and economic concerns. G'nY is especially relevant for researchers, intellectuals, policy makers and students appearing for Indian civil services and the UGC national educational testing.

Current issue - The Carriers Transport Perspectives

The Indian transport industry issue enunciates pressing issues that plague the sector – absent multi-modal systems, inadequate use of technology and a the need to create a user friendly logistics base. The ‘Indian Transport Industry’ Report delves into the current status of the different modes of transport – road, railways, waterways and air. The article ‘Electric vehicles vs India’s energy security: Emission scenarios’ draws a comparison between electric vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles in the perspective of pollution. The article ‘Inland waterways: A neglected mode’ discusses the waterways as an integrated part of the existing transport system. ‘Killer highways’ talks about accidents and possible ways of reducing highway mishaps.The article ‘New technologies for high speed roads’ gives information about bituminous surfacing technologies. ‘Licensed to loot’ enlists the woes of the transport industry. Finally, ‘Zero carbon mobility: Cycling in urban India’ makes a case for increasing the use of cycling as a means of passenger and freight transport within the city.

The G’nY first report section covers a range of contemporary transport issues – the need of policy changes to make heavy vehicles green; the reasons behind the decline in freight and passenger transport by railways; rail sector innovations like the RO-RO service and the dedicated freight corridor; toll issues across the country; the tussle between development and environment in constructing NH 66; smart cities for public transport; e-toll;and,energy use by the transport sector.





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